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Date: 2019-11-17 04:19:00: BOLO: Silver Hyundai Getz CY372XXX 2 B/Ms robbed residents in the street of their cell phones at 04h10

Date: 2019-11-17 02:23:00: Maritz street Southfield- Burglary residential during the night- toolbox stolen-SAPSIR2173107
Date: 2019-11-16 21:04:00: Flemming road Wynberg 1 B/M driving a silver Toyota Yaris attempt the crowbar a complex gate between 20h50-21h09
Date: 2019-11-14 22:29:00: Lister Way Meadowridge: House Break and Theft Occurred earlier SAPS Ref:8100500
Date: 2019-11-14 11:24:00: Main road Plumstead 1 B/M wearing white tshirt and blue jeans sped off in a green VW Golf-Attempted a theft out MV-11h05
Date: 2019-11-14 09:06:00: Newton drive Meadowridge Lime green Zontes 250 CAA75XX Motorcycle was stolen from the residents garage at 02h00
Date: 2019-11-12 00:19:00: Southfield Road Plumstead: House Burglary - nothing stolen - SAPSIR1556707
Date: 2019-11-11 17:30:00: Lismore Avenue Tokai: Attempted Theft - 1 C/F caught stealing - SAPSIR1514907 - suspect taken to Kirstenhof CSC
Date: 2019-11-09 18:17:00: Churchill Road Plumstead: Business Premises - Shoplifting - a couple of beers stolen SAPSIR115507
Date: 2019-11-09 18:05:00: Topsham Road Plumstead: Theft - 6 Pack milk, 2 containers of Seagro and detergents stolen - SAPSIR115580
Date: 2019-11-09 05:38:00: Bramley Street Plumstead: Theft Out Of MV - 2 Amps stolen - 1 suspect caught - taken to Diep River CSC
Date: 2019-11-08 20:15:00: Adelaide Road Plumstead: Attempted Burglary - Nothing stolen - 3 B/M's driving a small silver hatch involved SAPS on scene
Date: 2019-11-08 07:31:00: BOLO for a Yorksire Terrier(chipped) that has gone missing last night in Docav Rd Meadowridge, for any info contact CVIC 0860002669
Date: 2019-11-07 18:21:00: Meyer Street Plumstead-burglary Residential during the day SAPSIR900407
Date: 2019-11-07 09:45:00: Rochester Road Heathfield: Burglary - Weed eater stolen - 1 suspect caught with stolen item - SAPSIR861907
Date: 2019-11-07 06:29:00: Zandvliet road Kirstenhof during the night MV was broken into resident will go to SAPS himself
Date: 2019-11-06 18:30:00: Morpeth road Plumstead resident was robbed by 2 C/Ms driving a green Opel Corsa hatch SAPSIR804107
Date: 2019-11-06 08:33:00: Poplar Avenue Bergvliet: Burglary - Soccer Ball and numerous items on different occasions - Resident went to SAPS
Date: 2019-11-05 13:36:00: E light Way Kristenhof: Burglary - nothing stolen - resident informed SAPS
Date: 2019-11-04 18:42:00: Ainslie Road Plumstead: Suspect jumped wall after robbing someone at Plumstead railway station, suspect caught in Ophir Road SAPS IR:533007
Date: 2019-11-04 06:25:00: Rathfelder road Constantia-burglary residential during the night- alot of items were stolen SAPSIR461707
Date: 2019-11-01 05:24:00: Tramore Road Plumstead: Burglary - Hauwei P30 Light stolen - resident went to SAPS
Date: 2019-10-30 20:40:00: Ou Wingerd Road Constantia: Malicious Damage To Property - Fence cut - Blue Golf involved - no SAPS required
Date: 2019-10-30 07:30:00: Bunch of keys found in Kreupelbosch, some of the keys look like office keys contact CVIC for more info 0860002669
Date: 2019-10-30 05:35:00: Long Street Deurdrif: Burglary - Plasma TV and DSTV Decoder stolen - SAPSIR3805807
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