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Hi, this is the CVWA Patroller Alert Editing system - it is easy to use and the system allows patrollers to login and see what the current hot issues are.


Let's get going and start notifying the patrollers out there of the current hot issues...


Click on Patroller Alerts: View/Add/Modify on the left side of the screen to view/add/modify patroller alerts ...


Searching for existing alerts

Use the search field to search for any text in any alert.  Click  Go to execute the search.


Creating new alerts

If you hear something on the radio, log in to the site and add the info on the patroller alerts screen.

Click on the Add button to create new alerts

Select the current date and time using the calendar icon (so patrollers can see when the alert was logged).

Enter a brief description of the alert - remember, the patrollers will be reading the alerts on their cell phones' small screens.

When typing in details, use short-hand such as "c/m" for coloured male and "s/v" for suspicious vehicle.

Leave out "and" "if" and other unnecessary words as people must view short messages on their phone screens.
If this is kept updated especially when there are descriptions of suspicious persons/vehicles etc, there will be no need to ask Control again for a description.
It will be available on the phone.


Deleting an alert

Select the alert that need(s) to be deleted by ticking the row(s) (on the right hand side of the table)

then click on the delete button to delete the alert(s).


Sorting alerts

Each column can be sorted by clicking on the column heading.

Click again to reverse the sort order.


Modifying existing alerts

Click on the Alert's text to go to the editing screen - update as needed.

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